LOVE Necklace

$ 245.00

Manifest more LOVE... For you, for your lover, for your mama, for your sister, for your bestie, for the world, and for anyone who loves to love! 

This necklace offers EMF protection from electromagnetic rays. Ferromagnetic Hematite is nicknamed the “blood stone” and fully absorbs these toxins, while also maintaining the charge of nerve cells + regulating blood flow. 

Each striking necklace features a stunning bar of brilliant handset cubic zirconias. The stones are faceted which gives them extra hits of light. This is one of those pieces that you just need to see for yourself in person — your sparkling reflection in the mirror will wow you. 

Measures 28” long with clasp. Such a chic piece, and can actually be worn four ways — long; doubled with clasp in back; doubled with clasp in front; 4 times around wrist. 

Cheers to your LOVE and your health! XO