Majesty Bracelet

$ 72.00

The lion symbolizes majesty, courage, strength, protection, pride, family, affection, wisdom…

If a lion has made themselves known to you, whether in real life…art…the media, it can be a sign that you need to step up — the noble lion should inspire you to stand tall and lead from the front!

This bracelet offers EMF protection from electromagnetic rays. Ferromagnetic Hematite is nicknamed the “blood stone” and fully absorbs these toxins, while also maintaining the charge of nerve cells + regulating blood flow.

A striking bracelet featuring a two-sided antique gold, royal lion with crown. The hematite stones are faceted, sparking so beautifully in light. So simple, and so chic.

Cheers to your courage and health! XO

7” elastic/adjustable fit 

24k gold vermeil on pewter (no lead/nickel)